17 Breakfast Finger Foods

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, providing your body and mind the necessary fuel to tackle the day and excel at work or school.

Some days, time works against us, and we’re rushing out the door on an empty stomach or only coffee to keep up moving. But breakfast doesn’t have to take a long time to prepare!

This article will cover some of the best breakfast finger foods, perfect for on-the-go and busy lives.


17 Breakfast Finger Foods

1. Mini Pigs-in-a-Blanket

Pigs-in-blankets are tiny sausage links wrapped around the dough and baked until crispy. These finger foods are a party favorite but can be served for a quick breakfast.

You can swap the sausage for any meat, make tem vegan pigs-in-a-blanket, or even switch the dough into a gluten-free alternative.

2. Danishes

Cheese danishes are a popular, quick breakfast for anyone to enjoy on the go. Danishes are usually filled with cream cheese or a fruit jam and topped with a sweet cream drizzle.

These sweet treats are available in most bakeries but are simple to make at home. Check the link below for a quick and easy recipe:


3. Tater Tots

Tater Tots are small cubes of grated potatoes, either fried in oil or air fried. Many American diners include tater tots as part of a breakfast skillet topped with melted cheese or sauteed vegetables.

Most tater tots come frozen but can easily be made at home on a stovetop. Try it at home with this recipe:


4. Mini Muffins

Bite-sized muffins are the perfect breakfast food for those in a hurry. These can be made overnight and stored for up to a week without going bad.

Mini muffins can be made with whole wheat and fruits, bananas, or nuts. Try a variety of mini muffins in one pan with this recipe!


5. Fresh Berries

For a simple and healthy breakfast, fresh berries are a great choice. Mixed berries contain lots of vitamins and nutrients and are a great source of antioxidants.

Berries are also high in fiber and can lower cholesterol and inflammation, making them one of the healthiest choices for breakfast finger foods.

6. Mini Waffles

Mini waffles are bite-sized treats made of flour, eggs, milk, sugar, and baking powder. Cow’s milk can be swapped with almond, coconut, or soy milk.

Mini waffles can be made with nuts and berries in a waffle maker split into 4 smaller pieces. For a simple recipe, try the recipe below:


7. Prosciutto-Wrapped Frittatas

For a savory and delicious breakfast, frittatas are an easy way to create bite-sized masterpieces. Frittatas are scrambled eggs with mushrooms baked in a muffin tin.

You can choose to add prosciutto or any other sliced meat around the edges of the frittata for a delicious, savory breakfast. Try it for yourself by following the link to the recipe below:


8. Bite-sized Bagels

Mini bagels are popular in the United States as an alternative to regular bagels with high carbohydrate levels and refined wheat.

Mini bagels are made up of the same ingredients as bagels but are bite-sized and can be toasted to be eaten like chips. You can add any type of spread like cream cheese or even an avocado spread for a healthy alternative.

9. Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

Homemade breakfast bars are simple to make and can be better for you when compared to store-bought breakfast granola bars.

Store-bought granola bars may contain processed sugar or oils that can deteriorate your health over time. To avoid any unwanted ingredients, try this simple recipe out:


10. French Toast Sticks

If you’ve ever wanted to have french toast but were in a hurry, try making french toast sticks. French toast is cut into dippable bars and powdered with sugar.

These french toast sticks can be dunked into maple syrup or any sort of sweet syrup. Check out the recipe below:


11. Scones

Scones are a breakfast pastry made from heavy cream, lemon curds, baking powder, and chocolate. They’re usually shaped into small squares or triangles but are small enough to grab and eat on the go.

Scones can include blueberries, lemon, strawberries, nuts, Nutella, honey, and many more flavors! Try this recipe out for yourself by following the link below:


12. Pancake Bites

For a quick, delicious breakfast, pancake bites are a twist on a traditional dish. Pancake bites are made almost identically to regular pancakes. The only difference is that the batter is separated into smaller circles.

Pancake bites let you try different toppings on each pancake, allowing you to mix and match instead of having only one type of pancake.

13. Breakfast Burrito

While not exactly a tiny meal, breakfast burritos are absolutely food you can eat with your fingers. Breakfast burritos are made for people on the run or looking for a hearty meal.

Breakfast burritos are classic Mexican dishes consisting of rice, beans, melted cheese, eggs, vegetables, and your choice of meat wrapped around a flour tortilla.

14. Sous Vide Egg Bites

Sous Vide is a French delicacy made of eggs, cheese, and bacon. Many local cafes have adopted sous vide as a breakfast item, but it can also be made at home with essential ingredients.

Egg bites are made with whole eggs but can be substituted with egg whites for a lighter option. Try this recipe out with bacon and gruyere:


15. Mini Quiche

Similar to Sous Vide bites and Frittatas, mini quiche bites are smaller versions of traditional quiche. Their ingredients resemble traditional quiche and include spinach, ham, eggs, vegetables, and cheese.

Try this recipe for yourself for a delightful breakfast that’s perfect for the morning commute, but don’t eat and drive!


16. Boiled Eggs

The original breakfast finger food, boiled eggs are the simplest items on our list. Simply add the raw eggs to boiling water for about 7-9 minutes and add some salt and pepper for taste.

You want to always check the color of the yolk after it’s cooled off. If the yolk has a greenish tint, then the boiled egg is overcooked and may be dangerous to consume.

17. Mini-Croissant sandwiches

Mini-croissants are crescent-shaped bread treats made famous in France. They’re usually sold at supermarkets and grocery stores or can be made easily at home.

You can add whatever you like inside the croissant, like ham and cheese or fruit spreads. For a recipe to make mini-croissants, check the link below:


Wrap Up

Making breakfast every morning can be a hassle, especially if you’re pressed on your way to work. This list provides many options to prepare the perfect finger food breakfast and start the day right!

Do you have any favorite finger food dishes or homemade recipes? Share them in the Comments section below!

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