K and W Cafeterias Vegan Menu

Looking for K and W Cafeterias Vegan menu? We have researched and identified some of the items you can go for.

Let us know in the comments which K and W Cafeterias vegan options did you go for?

K and W Cafeterias Vegan Menu

fresh vegetable medley meal
salads: lettuce wedge, mixed greens with roma tomatoes, tossed salad
fresh fruit
bbq coleslaw
baked potato
basil marinated roma tomatoes
beets/beet salad, broccoli
brussels sprouts
fresh or baked carrots
candied yams
corn on the cob
green peas
grilled onion
lima beans
lyonnaise squash
marinated cucumbers
marinated mixed veggies
mushrooms with peppers and onions
new potatoes, o’brien potatoes
oven browned potatoes
sante fe potato
sautéed corn
sautéed dil potatoes
sautéed mushrooms
sautéed sugar snap peas
sliced carrots
sliced tomatoes
spinach and tomato sauce
stir fried veggies
vegetable saute
whole okra
baked apples
brown rice
sugar snap peas and yellow rice
sweet and sour slaw
white rice
italian pasta salad
oriental salad
pasta vegetable toss
tomato basil pasta salad
sauces: apple chutney, bbq, black bean or cucumber salsa, cacciatore, corn relish, curry glaze, hawaiian sauce, mustard glaze
orange sauce
s and s dipping sauce
sweet and sour
tomato herb
yam glaze

For a complete list of vegan menus on our site, see here. You can visit K and W Cafeterias here. Menu selections can vary by location. Always check with location before placing an order if the item has any allergens or meets your dietary needs and restrictions. We are not associated with the restaurant.

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